Malaika Arora became a writer, now she will tell the secret of good health by writing a book

Malaika Arora (Malaika Arora) has informed that she is going to become a writer. She will write her first book on topics related to nutrition and health. People recognize Malaika as a model, actress, dancer and judge of reality TV shows. People will now be familiar with his writings.

Malaika is all set to become a writer. He announced his first book on Thursday, June 16 and said that the book would be about health. Malaika will give health-related tips in the book. She has been giving health-related tips to fans through social media for the last few years.

Malaika follows a strict fitness routine
Malaika is not only known among fans for following a strict fitness routine but is also associated with many brands and projects in the fitness and wellness industry. She does yoga regularly and also owns a yoga studio named ‘Sarva Yoga’.

Malaika will talk on many issues related to health
Malaika will tell in her book what does she eat regularly? In this, food and habits related to it will be mentioned. They will explain the relationship between right eating habits and overall development. She will talk about the challenges related to lack of food and will tell about the discipline in the food.

Malaika wants to keep doing something or the other regarding health
According to media reports, Malaika Arora Talking about her decision to write the book, she said, “It has always been my goal to keep doing something or the other regarding health. The book will help in sharing my vision with the people at large. I personally believe in holistic development of the body. Let us tell you that Malaika also launched the food service ‘Nude Bowls’ in the year 2021, in which she prepared a menu for health conscious people.

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