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Makarand Desh Pandey’s scene was cut in RRR, the actor said this about Rajamouli- Ram Charan

RRR of ‘Bahubali’ fame SS Rajamouli is making a splash all over the world and is breaking all the records at the box office (RRR Box Office Collection). The film stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR in lead roles, while Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn have made their debut in Telugu with cameo roles. Apart from all this, every character of the film is being praised a lot. At the same time, the role of Makarand Deshpande, who was a part of this film, has been cut. Here we share with you all the things he said about the film.

How was your experience working with Rajamouli?

When Makrand Desh Pandey is asked ‘How did you get the role in ‘RRR’ and how was the experience of working with SS Rajamouli?’ In response to the question, Makrand says that ‘One day I got a call from Rajamouli’s office.. He said that Rajamouli sir wants to meet you for his new project. He sent me a flight ticket and I got down to meet him and that’s when I got my hair cut. Later he was a little surprised to see me but he was very nice. They wanted me and not just my hairstyle. They said, we will fix it and luckily I took a wig with me and they had a make-up artist, so I was ready.’

This is how Makrand met Ram Charan on the sets of RRR
Makrand says about RRR that ‘I liked the best thing that Ram Charan was in it. After meeting me, Ram Charan said, “I have come to meet you because I have seen your Bollywood work and I have liked it very much. I wanted to meet you since you were about to come here. I felt so good that a South star wanted to meet a Bollywood actor, such a warm welcome..’ He adds, ‘After meeting Ram Charan, Rajamouli sir narrated the story of ‘RRR’. It was great to hear. He told me, you know, after Baahubali, I wanted to make a small love story. But my wife told me that you make what you are ready for, not what you can make.

Makarand Deshpande’s scene was here in RRR
He (Rajamouli) had seen me in ‘Satya’, ‘Swadesh’ and wanted to cast me for the role of a senior tribal man. They are ordinary people and not a warrior. Rajamouli was looking for innocence. My character scenes in RRR are when the character played by NTR Jr (Jr NTR) is born, then my character is named Karan on the basis of it.. but this scene was cut from the final edit .

When Makrand is asked that did you feel bad when you came to know that your scenes have been cut?
In response, he said, ‘No no.. Look, I had gone there to be a part of that film, even if it was a one-shot role. I knew Rajamouli sir is making another big film after ‘Baahubali’ and I just wanted to be a part of the film… After ‘Sholay’ actors would have requested Ramesh Sippy or after ‘Lagaan’ he asked Ashutosh Gowariker Would have appealed to them to consider him to participate in their next film. It was like this and later I was called.. I had no doubts… they will do whatever is good for their film. I don’t think he is there to do anything wrong with anyone.

When asked what kind of differences have you noticed in working style and environment after working in South and Bollywood?

Makrand said, ‘South actors have the least number of questions for their directors. They completely surrender themselves to the director’s vision. His commitment to time and energy is amazing. So, he has less doubts and questions.. which is why the director can do more with him. The shooting never stopped because an actor could not believe anything and if the director wanted to shoot again, he would shoot again. My personal experience with Rajamouli sir was that on the sets he used to tell you what he wanted. He himself is a brilliant actor and the director is also excellent. ,

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