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Mahima Chaudhary had defeated death before breast cancer, 67 pieces of glass had entered her face

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Mahima Chaudhary


  • 23 years ago, Mahima Chaudhary had defeated death
  • 67 pieces of glass had entered the face of the actress

Mahima Chaudhary is in the headlines these days. Recently, Mahima had posted a video revealing that she is fighting a battle with cancer. Such a form of glory was seen in the video, which broke the heart of every one of her fans. Mahima has lost all her hair due to cancer. It was difficult to even recognize them. In this video, Mahima had told that she is fighting her circumstances with full courage and is making a comeback on the sets of the film.

At the same time, seeing Mahima’s positivity and courage, her fans are also patting her back. Even though Mahima is going through a difficult phase at the moment, but let us tell you that this is not the first time that such a storm has come in the life of Mahima Chaudhary. 48-year-old Mahima has fought to the death even before this. Even today the marks of that war are present on his face. Then due to a car accident, Mahima’s life and her film career were completely destroyed.

Even her beautiful face which is priceless for an actress was also ruined. This story is about 22 or 23 years ago from today. When Mahima Chaudhary was working in Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s film Dil Kya Kare. During that time while going on the shooting of the film, Mahima’s car had an accident with a truck. Mahima was badly injured in this accident, 67 pieces of glass were pierced all over her face. Doctors had surgically removed those 67 pieces of glass from Mahima’s face.

Due to this accident, she stayed away from films for a long time. Due to which gradually she became anonymous. After 13 years after the accident, Mahima had expressed her grief in an interview. Then Mahima had told that “The pieces of glass that had entered my face were removed by surgery. After the surgery, the doctors had instructed me to stay indoors. They forbade me to go out in the sun.”

Mahima further said that – “Not only this, he forbade me to even see my face in the mirror. I thought that now my career is over and no one will give me work in the film. Long time to recover. Laga and after that I completed the shooting of the film Dil Kya Karein. While shooting the film after the accident, special care was taken that no closeup short of mine is taken.

The loss of this accident was that Mahima’s film career also slowly came downhill and now once again breast cancer has brought a storm in Mahima’s life. However, Mahima has not given up this time also. She has once again returned to the sets of the film. She has also shared the new look on Instagram by putting a wig on her head.

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