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Mahi Vij said on ‘Bigg Boss’, ‘Innocent viewers believe what they see, I am proud of my husband’

TV star Jay Bhanushali participated in the 15th season of TV’s popular and controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, where the fans did not like his game much. As a result, his journey in the show was soon over. Now Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss’ is making a comeback with its new 16th season, for which the names of many celebs have also appeared as contestants. With this, it is now being speculated that Jai Bhanushali’s wife Mahi Vij may be a part of the new season of ‘Bigg Boss’.

Actress Mahi Vij, who rose to fame with her roles in ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’ and ‘Balika Vadhu’, recently had some chit-chat with the media. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, he was accompanied by his beloved daughter Tara Bhanushali. When asked by the media about her entry in the Bigg Boss house next season, Mahi replied, “Never deny anything, but not for now, as I don’t want to leave my daughter Tara, she Just too young.”

Fans may have to wait
It is clear from this statement of Mahi Vij that she wants to be a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ and can become in future, but maybe the fans will have to wait to see Mahi in Bigg Boss house. Jai and Mahi are one of the popular couples of TV. Both have a daughter named Tara. Both do not want to leave any stone unturned in enjoying their family life with their daughter.

‘Makers decide in advance who will win’
During this conversation with the media, Mahi Vij with her husband Jai Bhanushali Questions were also raised on the flop journey in the show, so Mahi took aim at the makers for this. He said, “I think the makers show what they want to show. He decides at the very beginning of the show who will be the winner and who will be the runner up. We do not decide our journey in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, only the makers decide the journey of the people.”

‘The audience accepts what they see’
Along with this, Mahi also praised Jai Bhanushali and said that “Jai has played his game honestly and I am proud of Jai’s game.” The actress said, “I think the audience is very innocent and whatever is shown to them, they accept it as truth. I have watched the show for seven days and every hour. I am proud of Jay’s game. He came out of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house with his self-respect and dignity.”

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