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Mahesh Babu’s father superstar Krishna will be made a biopic and who will play the role? Actor replied

South cinema superstar actor Mahesh Babu has been in the discussion about his production film ‘Major’ since the past. The trailer of this movie has been released on the last day itself. At the same time, the actor will be seen in the lead role in the film ‘Sarkaru Vaati Paata’. In such a situation, the trailer of Major is in discussion due to the statements made by the actor at the launch event. In that event, questions were also raised about his father’s biopic, to which he has answered with impunity. He does not want to act in his father’s biopic.

During the trailer launch event, Mahesh Babu was asked about the father’s biopic, he said, ‘If the biopic of father and superstar Krishna is ever made, he would not want to act in it. But yes, he would definitely love to produce it. The 46-year-old actor says that he understands that the current generation is very excited to know about the personal and professional life of actor Krishna. If a biopic is ever made on him, he will not act in it but will produce it.

Actor gave answer regarding Bollywood debut

Mahesh Babu was also questioned about his Bollywood debut during this time, so the actor said about this that ‘he gets a lot of offers from films. But they do not think that anyone will be able to offer them there. In such a situation, he believes that where he cannot be afforded, he does not want to waste his time by working in such an industry.

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Mahesh Babu said about the South Industry that he has got both stardom and respect here. This is a big deal for them. That is why he does not want to be a part of any other films except his industry. He always thinks about doing films and becoming big and his dream is also coming true now. The actor says that ‘he couldn’t be happier than that his dream is being fulfilled.’

Let us tell you that Mahesh Babu has spoken about his Bollywood debut at the trailer launch event of his production venture ‘Major’. During this, he expressed happiness that with the blockbuster performance of the Telugu film, the meaning of Indian cinema has changed. He does not want to be called a pan India star. Rather, he wants to make the South bigger.

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