LUCKNOW: Little actors of ‘Chabutra Theater Pathshala’ are leaving their mark in Bollywood.

Report :- Anjali Singh Rajput, Lucknow

Theater is considered to be the first step in making an identity and acting in the film world. Yes, today many big actors and actresses working in Bollywood started their career with theater itself. Today they have a different identity. Similarly, Lucknow Chabutra Theater Pathshala is one such platform which is grooming children’s theatre. Along with teaching them the nuances of acting, they are given a chance in Bollywood. Reaching where these little actors are leaving their mark of talent and making a different identity. At present there are about 25 children in Chabutra Pathshala. Apart from this, the number of children in different branches is also good. All these children come from the backward and underprivileged sections of the village, to whom the school is shaping their careers by providing a platform. The artists of this school have worked with many big Bollywood actors and actresses in their films and the people from there. With money, children also run their homes.

provide platform to talent

Mahesh Chand Deva, secretary of Mother Seva Sansthan, told that he has been running Chabutra Pathshala for the last 18 years and in this school, he gives a platform to the underprivileged and financially weak children of the village and gives them training. Teaching them the nuances of acting. There are all such children who have a lot of talent but they do not get the stage and they do not get guidance. He told that today the children of Chabutra Theater School are radio, television, advertising agency, short films, documentary films as well as Bollywood. Working with big actors in big films.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 10, 2022, 00:08 IST

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