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‘Love in Ukraine’ trailer released, Vipin Kaushik will be seen with Ukrainian actors

Mumbai. Amidst the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the trailer of a film ‘Love in Ukraine Trailer’ has been released. Which was shot in Ukraine before the war started. The trailer of the film is now creating a buzz everywhere. The trailer of this recently released film is getting tremendous views on YouTube. Ukrainian actress Liza Gedzyra will be seen in the lead role with him in this film (Love in Ukraine) starrer Vipin Kaushik. At the same time, Nitin Kumar Gupta is also an important part of this film. Only 1 day has passed since the trailer was released and it has got thousands of views so far.

The trailer of ‘Love in Ukraine’ has been released by Kamal Entertainment Pvt Ltd through Zee Music YouTube channel. The trailer was launched by Producer and Director Dheeraj Kumar, Producer KC Bokadia, Actor Surendra Pal, Producer Pawan Kaushik and Babita Kaushik in the presence of Lead Actor Vipin Kaushik, Comedians Soma Rathore, Salim Zaidi, Nyra Banerjee, Manju Bharti and Mukesh J Bharti. The trailer of the movie has rocked the internet.

The romantic action-drama ‘Love in Ukraine’ was shot just before the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. It was shot in Ukraine before the war. It also features 10 Ukrainian actors including lead actress Lizabeta. It has all the fun, love, action, drama and comedy factors to keep the audience entertained. The film is written and directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta along with Vishal Sharma. The trailer is getting a very good response from the audience and film critics.

Vipin Kaushik will be seen in the film along with Lizabeta, NKG, Mikhail Striga, Lolita Zhuravalova, Roman Batrin, Ruslan Seferov, Oles Dmitrenko, Irma Balan, Konstantin Shiryaev, Vladimir Didenko and Sergei Shchenchichny S. The trailer begins with Vipin Kaushik, an Indian student, who falls in love with a Russian girl.

Few people know that his marriage has been promised to the Mafia family. The trailer shows beautiful places of Ukraine, its people, culture, cities and villages. Overall the trailer appears to be a romcom action entertainer, which includes comedy. The film will be released by Vivek Film Production House. The film will hit the theaters on 27 May 2022.

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