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Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi was not impressed by Munawwar Farooqui at all, said- ‘I am true and fresh’

Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Up’ is about to end. There are only a few strong contestants left in the show. These include the names of contestants like Shivam Sharma, Munawar Faruqui, Payal Rohatgi, Prince Narula, Anjali Arora and Azma Fallah. In such a situation, the show has become very funny. Everyday something happens in the show, seeing which the audience becomes happy. Meanwhile, Payal Rohatgi has claimed that she is the only contestant in the show who was not impressed by Munawwar Farooqui.

In the recent episode of Lock Up, contestants are shown some social media posts which are blank spaces and to fill it the contestants are asked to guess the names that are being talked about in the post.

Contestants are asked to guess the name of the person from one of the social media posts. On which it is written, “Among the completely fake ladies in #LockUpp, I found myself – fresh and true.” Azam writes her name in this blank space. Shivam, Munavvar and Prince also take the name of Azam. Sayesha writes her name.

Payal Rohatgi explains her name and reason in filling the blank space and says – “I have taken my name. I find myself true and fresh. This is my opinion as I feel that I have played the game with integrity and honesty as I am. I have not set any limit for this.”

After this, in another blank space which reads – “Only – Munawwar played without Farooqui’s influence,” Payal fills her name again in this blank space. Payal believes that the social media post belongs to her. She says, “I think it’s my name. Because whoever has come here, all of them have done ‘Ji Huzoori’ of Munavvar. Although I have played this game without the help or influence of Munawwar. I have survived the game without their friendship.”

However, in her defense, Aajah says, “I too survived and played without Munavvar’s influence. However, Payal claims that she used to apply butter to Munavvar when she was in Orange Block. Payal says, “You were desperate to be in Munavvar’s good books because you were in the chargesheet.” Finally the name in the post is said to be Shivam Sharma.

Let us tell you that the grand finale of Lock Up will be on Saturday i.e. on 7th May. It will stream on Alt Balaji and MX Player. The contestants in the race to win the trophy are Payal Rohatgi, Munawwar Farooqui, Sayesha Shinde, Shivam Sharma, Prince Narula, Anjali Arora and Azam Falah.

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