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Krishna Abhishek cried remembering Govinda, said- ‘I miss my maternal uncle a lot’

‘The Kapil Sharma’ Comedian and actor Krushna Abhishek, who played the character of ‘Sapna’ in the show, has made a different identity in the industry on the basis of his skills. In the relationship, he is the nephew of the superstar ‘Hero No. 1’ Govinda of his time, but the rift between the two has often been on people’s radar. Both often avoid coming in front of each other.

This was noticed even when Krishna was not a part of the episode when Govinda appeared on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, but in a recent interview, Krishna got very emotional while talking about his maternal uncle Govinda. Appeared. Krishna said that he misses his maternal uncle a lot and he feels that his maternal uncle must also miss him.

Krishna said this in his statements
Recently, Krishna Abhishek appeared in Maniesh Paul’s podcast. During a conversation with him, Krishna spoke openly about his feelings for Mama Govind. Krishna told Manish that whenever he talks about this matter in an interview, his statements are presented in twists or cuts, which worsens the situation. On this Manish assured him that whatever Krishna would tell him, nothing would be cut off from him.

Krishna started crying remembering Govinda
After this, Krishna Abhishek talks about Govinda and his relationship. During this, tears come to his eyes. He said, “Chichi Mama, I love you very much and miss you very much. I miss you always. You should never go by these things that what has come in the media and what is written. I want my kids to play with my mama. I miss you a lot and I know you must be missing us too.”

What is Krishna and Govinda’s family feud
Actually, Krishna Abhishek And Govinda The family feud has often been in the headlines. However, no one is aware of what happened between the families. According to media reports, there is no talk between the two and their family for a long time. This was further aggravated when Krishna refused to be a part of the Govinda special episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma’ show. Apart from this, the bitterness between the two families is also visible in their social media posts.

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