Kim Kardashian badly trapped in fake lottery case, accused of manipulation of more than Rs 79 crore

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian often remains in the media headlines. Kim remains in the discussion about her beautiful style and family as well as children. But now Kim Kardashian seems to be in trouble. Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick have reportedly been charged in a fraudulent lottery case.

Both are accused that they have scammed more than Rs 79 crore in the fake lottery case. Both are being prosecuted for 79 crore 65 lakh 5 thousand for promoting luxury gifts on Instagram.

tempting offers given to people
According to media reports, the participants of the competition were allegedly offered first class tickets to Los Angeles, three nights stay in Beverly Hills by announcing fake lottery. Along with this, it was also claimed to win 79 crore 65 lakh 5 thousand rupees. A case has been registered against Kim Kardashian and Scott Zissik.

Allegations of selling personal information
Let us tell you that according to media reports in this case, Kim and Scott are being accused that both of them have dealt with the personal information of the participants to the advertisers. Not only this, both are accused that this competition was being conducted to get personal information. According to media reports, both of them are resorting to these stunts in the name of fake lottery to increase their personal information and followers on Instagram. After registering the case, the investigation has started.

Was seen in ‘The Late Late Show’
Let us tell you that Kim Kardashian was recently seen in ‘The Late Late Show’ with James Corden. Kim had a breakup with Davidson last month. Regarding this, Kim has said that I am not making any plans for the future. Kim told that I only want to focus on myself.

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