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Khesari Lal’s new song ‘Hade kaini Raja Ji’ released amidst controversies, is full of sensual dance and romance VIDEO

Bhojpuri’s trending star Khesari Lal Yadav is in discussion about his personal life these days. According to the information, he has been threatened by a person, after which he has also raised questions on the Bihar Police. The actor says that the state police is treating him as it did to Sushant Singh Rajput. Despite all the controversies, Khesari is fully focused on his work. Every day he releases a new song for his fans. Recently a new song of his has been launched whose lyrics are ‘Hade kaini Raja Ji’.

Khesari’s co-star showing Sensual Dance in the video
Hade Kaini Raja Ji has been released by the official YouTube channel of Speed ​​Record Bhojpuri on 6 May 2022, which has got millions of views. About 3 lakh people have seen this song till the news was made and 54 thousand users have pressed the like button. In the video, Bhojpuri actress is showing sensual dance to impress the audience and Khesari is trying to be romantic by coming close with her.

The video is about to awaken the romantic feeling in the lovers.
Both Bhojpuri stars are wooing the audience through their expressions and moves. Couple song full of romance is going to awaken the feelings inside the youngsters. Hade kaini Raja Ji is sung by Khesari with female singer Nisha Singh, whose lyrics are written by Akhilesh Kashyap and Mannu Sahu. The music is by AB Gupta and the composer is Shubham Tiwari, whose gestures are by the Bhojpuri star.

Khesari is in the midst of controversies
Let us tell you that Kesari has been engulfed in controversies for the last few days. He was also abused and threatened in a live video by a person, after which the matter has caught a lot of attention. Meanwhile, while his opponents talk about beating him, the fans of the actor are proving his stardom by liking his songs. Khesari’s song ‘Buniya’ has become a hit as soon as it is released, which is doing super trend on YouTube.

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