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Khesari Lal said in the midst of controversy with Pawan Singh, the mind is restless and I am upset; Soon he will be in bars, that disgusting…

Controversies often arise between the stars in the Bhojpuri film industry. The fight between Khesari Lal and Pawan Singh has been going on for a long time but these days the matter is heating up due to some other reason. Recently, Khesari Lal had come live on social media and alleged that a person is threatening him and his family, who is a fan of Pawan Singh. Khesari has also claimed that the person has spoken of raping his daughter and wife. He has also appealed to the Bihar government and the police for help. Meanwhile, a new post of his has come which is becoming quite viral.

Khesari’s sympathies to the family of the abuser
Khesari has shared a post on Facebook, in which he wrote, ‘For the past few days, my mind is restless and I am upset to see how a person can threaten someone’s wife and children like this. You got a lot of support in this whole fight, which gave me the courage to move forward. Hope that disgusting person will be behind the bars soon. May God keep his family happy.

Khesari trolled on obscene songs
On this post of Khesari, his fans are seen giving him full support on his behalf. All the fans are praying to God for things to go well with him. At the same time, some were also seen trolling him. A user named Monu Singh wrote, ‘If you are thinking that by sending a poor person behind the bars, you will walk peacefully and you will rule the hearts of everyone by singing obscene songs, then it is your mistake because you too will be punished by those bars. I have to go back, this is my challenge..’

khesari fan reaction, stop stealing others songs
At the same time, Rahul Raj Pandey wrote, ‘Bhojpuri’s listeners have woken up, you too are completely focused on politics, you have a complete contribution in giving a disgusting look to Bhojpuri !! Improve from the front and stop stealing the songs of small singers. At the same time, a user named Bipin Bihari wrote, Do as you do. I wish I could earn some respect with money.khesari0

what is the whole matter
Recently, Khesari had shared a video in which a person is repeatedly saying love you to Powerstar and saying that ‘I will not tolerate lies, and when Pawan is quiet and simple, Khesari wants to come live whenever he comes’. and harass them. Making all these allegations, the person is taking out anger on Khesari and is abusing him with lewd abuses. In the video, Pawan Singh’s fan is saying that ‘we oppose the persecutor, the porn artist, the thief and the harasser. Coming live everyday and doing drama. Your daughter has become young and what would she say if she would have seen it. He is abusing Khesari fiercely by saying all these things. Not only this, the person is telling himself as Turram Khan. He is talking about the actor to stay in his position and is saying that ‘somewhere again, you should not sell litti chokha again.’

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