Karan Johar again came down in praise of Shahrukh Khan, said- ‘That thing is not there in today’s generation’

Karan Johar These days she is in the headlines for her personal life. Recently, Karan celebrated his 50th birthday. Karan is a filmmaker who is famous for his friendship apart from films. Its glimpse has been seen in his birthday bash. The friendship of Karan and Shah Rukh Khan is also famous. Karan also considers him very lucky for himself. Karan once again praised Shahrukh and said that I do not think that any actor will be able to replace Shahrukh or Amitabh Bachchan in the new generation.

Karan Johar says that ‘this generation can have great artists but it lacks the aura and magic that Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have. I don’t think the charm, aura and mystery this generation has. The filmmaker also told the reason for this.

Karan Johar Shah Rukh Khan

Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan. (Photo Credits: Instagram @karanjohar/iamsrk)

Karan Johar has seen the charisma of Dilip-Amitabh-Shahrukh
During an interview given to Film Companion, Karan Johar told that ‘When I was in a party and there was the entry of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Dilip Kumar, Mr. Shahrukh Khan, everyone started looking at him. That aura, that magic-power and stardom I have seen. Everyone present in the party was feeling his presence. She was Glory’. Karan feels that this is not possible with this generation because he is easily accessible and now no celebrity has any secrets.

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Karan Johar says that ‘Today everyone is very easily available casually. I know which gym you go to, which Pilates class you go to, I know what you eat, who you meet, I know everything about you, so some kind of mystery about you How can it be? When Shahrukh Khan came to my birthday party, seeing him, the energy of the young generation was worth seeing. You could feel Shahrukh Khan. He was the only one who came to the party through another route. I could feel that young people like Ananya Pandey, even her partner, everyone felt that aura’.

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