Kangana was upset for not remembering Lata Mangeshkar at the Grammy Awards, said – Boycott should be done for these awards

Lata Mangeshkar India’s voice nightingale, whose velvet voice is crazy not only in India but all over the world. Indians were shocked not to include such a famous Indian singer in the 64th annual Grammy Awards (Grammy Awards 2022). Like every time, this time too the In Memoriam segment paid tribute to many late music legends. During this, many veterans including Stephen Sondjime and Taylor Hawkins were remembered but Lata Mangeshkar was forgotten. Indian fans were disappointed and angry because of this, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut even talked about boycotting these awards.

A week before this, during the Oscar Awards also in the tribute comment Lata Mangeshkar was not given a place. Angry fans are expressing their displeasure on social media due to the neglect of the famous singer of India in these two international festivals. In such a situation, Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut also got upset.

Kangana said to boycott these western awards

Kangana Ranaut shared the headline of a media house on her Instagram and wrote, ‘We should boycott these Western Awards’.

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Kangana accuses Western Awards of bias

Not only this, an angry Kangana Ranaut further wrote, ‘We have to take a tough stand against any local awards that claim themselves to be international and then deliberately sideline great artists on the basis of race and ideology. Both Oscar and Grammy. It was not the Bharat Ratna who gave a tribute to Lata Mangeshkar ji…our media should completely boycott these biased local events that claim themselves to be global.

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Tribute not given to both Lata di and Bappi da!

Not only to Lata Mangeshkar but Bappi Lahiri Indian fans are annoyed by not paying tribute to him either. Let us tell you that the Grammy Awards are considered to be one of the biggest music awards in the world. But this year two big singers of India were completely ignored.

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Indian fans are upset

Lata Mangeshkar said goodbye to the world on 6 February this year at the age of 92. Indian fans are bound to be upset for not paying tribute to the one whose voice retained the magic till the end of life.

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