Kangana Ranaut said – The story of superheroes of Avengers has been stolen from our Vedas

Kangana Ranaut is that Bollywood actor, who has no shortage of thoughts and words. She will soon be seen in a new avatar in the film ‘Dhaakad’. Gun in hand, red hair, wearing a sleek costume, she looks no less than a superhero. The powerful teaser and the tremendous trailer are proof that Kangana is going to be seen as a dashing actress. Kangana, who is in the headlines for her statements, has told the story of The Avengers and other superheroes inspired by ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Vedas’ (Kangana Ranaut on The Avengers and other superhero movies).

Kangana Ranaut has a lot of faith in God. He is very religious. Recently, this was disclosed by his co-star Arjun Rampal during an interview. Now he has compared Avengers and other superheroes with Ramayana-Mahabharata.

‘Hollywood takes a lot of inspiration from our mythology’
Actually, during a conversation with ETimes, ‘Panga Queen’ was asked whether she would choose Indian mythology or Hollywood style to play the role of superhero? In response to this, she said, ‘Obviously I will adopt the approach of my country for the role of superhero. I feel that Hollywood draws a lot of inspiration from our mythology and stories. When I look at his superheroes, it seems that they are taken from our Vedas. Giving example, he said that if there is ‘Iron Man’, then his armor can be compared with the armor of Karna of ‘Mahabharata’. Thor and his hammer can be compared with Hanuman ji and his mace.

‘Avengers’ inspired by our ‘Mahabharat’: Kangana
Taking her point forward, Kangana said that I feel that ‘Avengers’ is inspired by our ‘Mahabharata’. But the way it is shown is a little different. But it seems to me that the stories of these superheroes have been taken from our Vedas and they also believe in this.

Why only Hollywood for inspiration?
Kangana further said that I would also like to do something original. The Panga Queen insisted that why limit myself to Hollywood for inspiration.

There is a collision between these two films
Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Dhaakad’ will be released in theaters on May 20. ‘Dhaakad’ is going to clash with Kartik Aaryan’s film ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’. Now it has to be seen which of the two films will win the box office.

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