Kangana Ranaut agrees with Mahesh Babu’s statement ‘Bollywood cannot afford me’, know what the actress said

Mumbai: South cinema superstar Mahesh Babu’s statement on Bollywood is in the headlines these days. Many Bollywood celebs have reacted strongly to the statement of Mahesh Babu. The actor had said in his latest statement that Bollywood cannot afford me. Due to this statement of the actor, a ruckus has now arisen. Meanwhile, Bollywood’s ‘Panga Queen’ Kangana Ranaut has also reacted to Mahesh Babu’s statement.

In a media interaction, Kangana Ranaut has reacted to the Telugu superstar’s statement ‘Bollywood cannot afford me’. Kangana Ranaut has agreed to Mahesh Babu’s statement. Kangana has agreed with Mahesh Babu’s statement. The actress says that Mahesh Babu’s saying that Bollywood cannot afford him is absolutely correct.

Kangana Ranaut at the launch of the second trailer of Dhaakad says- ‘He is right, Bollywood cannot tolerate Mahesh Babu, because I am aware of the fact that many Bollywood filmmakers have offered him many films and his generation This has single-handedly made the Telugu film industry the number 1 film industry in India. So now, Bollywood definitely can’t afford him.

What did Kangana Ranaut say?
She says- ‘And in this I do not think why there should be controversy over small things. If he has said this in any tone, then I think it makes sense. We also say that Hollywood can’t afford us, or speak in whatever way. But here’s the thing, I think he has shown respect for his work and the industry, which is why he has reached the level he is today and we can’t deny that.

Kangana further said- ‘The Telugu film industry did not get anything in the plate. The industry has left everyone behind in the last few years. We only have things to learn from them. Earlier this week, Mahesh was asked about his possible Hindi film debut, the actor said, “I got a lot of offers in Hindi, but I don’t think they can afford me.”

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