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Kali Poster Controversy: After the controversy over the poster of ‘Kali’, Twitter took this big step

Twitter took this step on the controversial poster of 'Kali' - India TV Hindi
Twitter took this step on the controversial poster of ‘Kali’

Kali Poster Controversy: The controversy surrounding the poster of the documentary film ‘Kaali’ is not stopping. This poster has a lot of resentment among the people. Maa Kali was shown smoking a cigarette in the film. Along with this, a colorful flag of the LGBT community is also seen in one of his hands. This documentary film is by filmmaker Leena Manimekalai. Seeing the manner in which the poster of the film is being boycotted on social media, social media platform Twitter has banned Kaali producer Leena Manimekalai’s post in which she shared the poster of Kaali.

FIR in UP, Delhi and Mumbai:

According to ANI, the UP, Delhi and Mumbai police have booked Leena Manimekalai, the producer of the film ‘Kaali’ for derogatory portrayal of Hindu gods and goddesses for criminal conspiracy, crime at a place of worship, intentionally causing breach of peace with intent to hurt religious sentiments. FIR has been registered on the allegation.

Demand for arrest

Hindu organizations and people on social media are constantly opposing this film. Hindus have accused Leena Manimekalai of hurting religious sentiments and are demanding her arrest at the earliest.

Who is Leena Manimekalai?

Leena Manimekalai hails from the remote village of Maharajapuram, located to the south of Madurai. She came from a farming family and according to the custom of her village, after a few years of puberty, girls were married off to their maternal uncle. When Leena came to know that her family members were preparing for her marriage, she fled to Chennai. After that he did engineering. In later years, he also took up a job in the IT sector. After doing several jobs, he decided to get into film direction.

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Not only ‘Kaali’, these films are also accused of insulting the deities

Mother Kali was seen smoking a cigarette in the documentary film Kali, social media users were furious after seeing the poster of the film

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