‘Jug Jugg Jeeyo’ director Raj Mehta told- ‘How did Neetu Kapoor agree to do the film’

Neetu Kapoor is returning to Bollywood after nine years with Raj Mehta’s upcoming film ‘Jug Jug Jio’. Let us inform that after the death of Neetu’s husband late actor Rishi Kapoor, this will be Neetu’s first film, in which she will be seen with Kiara Advani and Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor. Will go Meanwhile, regarding Neetu’s return to the film, director Raj Mehta told how he persuaded Neetu Kapoor to do the film?

In a conversation with ETimes, Raj Mehta admitted that he had convinced Neetu with Karan Johar. In this, it took a long time for both of them to convince the actress because Neetu was in shock in those days due to the death of Rishi Kapoor.
According to the report, Raj Mehta said, “Thankfully, Karan Johar had done half of my work before I met Ma’am. Karan told him that you have to come back. Although she was a bit nervous and unsure about this proposal of Karan because Rishi sir had passed away a few days back.

got reply after a week
Raj Mehta further explains that Karan told him, “It is a good story and they should do it. All these things had happened before the meeting between me and Neetu. After that I narrated the script to him. Thankfully, he liked the story. After that he took some time to think about the film. Simply because she had doubts whether she wanted to work or not. After this, about a week later, he got a yes answer.

Neetu has already told the reason for the film
Let us tell you that Neetu herself has also told this thing that Karan Johar and Raj Mehta had persuaded her a lot to work in ‘Jug Jug Jio’. With the help of these two, she was able to overcome the shock of her husband’s death.
Earlier, while talking to ETimes, Neetu Kapoor had said, “It was the best experience for me. It helped me overcome whatever situation I was going through. I really thank Karan Johar and Raj Mehta for guiding me. No one can take their place. I also thank the artists for always supporting me. It was a new place for me. Where everyone was nice and very special. I am proud of the film.

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