Jayeshbhai Jordar Box Office Collection day 1: The emphasis of ‘Jayeshbhai Jordar’ did not go on the audience, the first day was a heap

Jayeshbhai Jordar Box Office Collection day 1: Ranveer Singh’s film ‘Jayeshbhai Jordar’ has come in front of the audience. Ranveer had been promoting his film continuously for the last several days but could not show any special charisma on the first day. The opening of the film, which was released on May 13, is quite disappointing. The first day’s box office collection was nothing special. The film released on 2250 India and 1250 Overseas i.e. worldwide 3500 screens could not extract even 10 percent of the cost.

Friday is a very important day for the box office. New films are released at the beginning of the weekend and do great collections at the box office. But even after promoting loudly, Ranveer Singh’s magic could not work on Friday. The actor’s energy could not translate into box office collections.

‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ did not live up to the audience’s test

‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’, made under the banner of Yash Raj Films and directed by Divyang Thakkar, has been released in theaters on Friday. On the very first day, the film piled up at the box office. around 60 crores Budget The film made from it was able to earn around 4.10 crores.

The film was able to earn only 4.10 crores on the first day

‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’, released on May 13, could not collect even 10 percent of its cost on the first day. If we look at the figures so far, the film has earned only 4.10 crores from cinemas across the country on the first day. The first day collection of an actor like Ranveer Singh is disappointing. Usually a film with 10 percent opening is considered in the category of average or flop.

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Now waiting for weekend collection

However, the way advance booking of Ranveer Singh’s film ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ was being done, the film pundits were not excited about its opening. It is believed that if the film is able to show charisma on Saturday-Sunday weekend, then some better collection can be expected.

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