Jaadugar Trailer: Full time magician and part time lover footballer went on to become ‘Secretary of Panchayat’

Jitendra Kumar (Jitendra Kumar) And the trailer of Arushi Sharma starrer film ‘Jadugar’ was released. It is being glimpsed from the trailer of the film that there is a little magic, a little romance and a little football game in the film. In the trailer, from the kick of football to the style of Jitendra and Aarushi, the fans are liking it. The social media trailer is being praised a lot. The film, which will be released on Netflix on July 15, looks quite entertaining.

The trailer of actor Jitendra Kumar’s new film ‘Jadugar’, who has played his role in ‘Panchayat’, is appealing. At the beginning of the trailer, a character named Meenu introduces himself in a very unique way while reading the book ‘Jadugar Chhabra’. He describes himself as a full time magician, part time lover. The role of Meenu is done by Jitendra Kumar. He is a struggling magician who does not like football. Forcibly he is made to participate in a match of the colony. Where his first kick is funny.

The magic of love on the ‘magician’
Meenu i.e. Jitendra Kumar, who lives in a colony filled with selected specimens of Neemuch, is in the role of a professional magician. He does not like football but plays football to get his love. The magic of love gets over his professional magic. It will be very interesting to see how Jitendra Kumar tackles the challenge of football match.

Fans are writing ‘Jeetu Bhaiya Jhakkas’ after watching the trailer.
Reacting fiercely to this trailer, fans are writing Jeetu the magician. One wrote ‘Amazing’ and the other wrote ‘Jeetu Bhaiya Jhakkas’. Fans are praising Jitendra’s acting fiercely.

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The film will release on July 15
Biswapati Sarkar has written the story of comedy and romance-filled entertainment film ‘Jadugar’. The film is directed by Sameer Saxena. Whether the magic of ‘Panchayat’ fame Jitendra Kumar can work in the film ‘Jadugar’, it will be clear on July 15. Apart from Jitendra, there are also famous actors Javed Jaffrey and Aarushi Sharma.

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