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International Iconic Awards will be celebrated in Mumbai, know the details related to it

Mumbai: The prestigious ‘International Iconic Awards’ of the entertainment world has successfully completed 7 seasons so far. Now it is ready for its 8th season. Its eighth edition will be held in the City of Dreams Mumbai. Mohammad Nagman is the brain behind this iconic awards. Mohammad Nagman says that actors and actors have always had a great influence on him.

He has been seeing these stars in the entertainment world for a long time. Due to which he started this award show. Nagman Latif was born and brought up in a Mangalorean Indian family. He became the first Indian and youngest chief executive officer in Saudi Arabia for Gold Tower Group since 2014.

New talent launched
Nagman also owns a production house named Iconic Productions, which is known for launching new talent. It has already composed songs for many channels. For season 8, Nagman says that people will see global actors this time.

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