Indore will be seen in South, shooting of Tamil film begins, stars like Jalebi-Poha

Indore. cleanest city in the country Indore The flame will now be seen in South’s film as well. tamil movie The shooting of the palace is taking place in Indore. The entire unit has reached Indore. The living conditions, cleanliness and food, especially Poha Jalebi, are all convinced.

After the Corona period, the process of film shooting has started again in Indore. This time Starcast has reached Indore for the shooting of South’s film Mahal. The shooting of this Tamil film is going on in Lalbagh Palace here. The film’s Muhurta took place in a grand ceremony in a hotel here. During this, producer of the film Naresh Jain, director Pon Kumaran were also present.

Everyone liked the food
Pon Kumaran is a famous film director from South India. He has directed the superhit film Vishnuvardhan. He has also written the script of Rajinikanth starrer film Linga. CS Kishan, Vedika and Digangana Suryavanshi will be seen in the lead roles in the film being shot here. The film’s heroine Vedika told that this is her 26th film. This is a horror film. In which his role is going to be very challenging. She has come to Indore for the second time. She also came to Ujjain after having darshan of Mahakal. The food and people of Indore were very good. He said that the historical places here are very beautiful. Which the whole country will be able to see through this film. After Indore, the film will also be shot in Mandu.

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Digangana of Jabalpur will also be seen in the film.
The special thing about this film is that it stars Digangana Suryavanshi of Jabalpur in the role of supporting actress. He says that our family often used to visit Indore, I also used to come with them, last year we celebrated our birthday here too. I have been acting in films for many years. But for the first time I got a chance to shoot in Indore. The story of this film is based on two women. Their mutual struggle will be shown in it. I have a positive character, while Vedika will be seen as a villain.

Shooting in multiple locations
Actor CS Kishan, who is playing the lead role in the film, says that he has come to Indore for the first time. It is a great pleasure to be here. I had the same experience as I had heard about Indore. We will stay in Madhya Pradesh for more than a month and get to know the culture here. At the same time, the director of the film Pon Kumar says that this is the 9th film of my career. I have come to Madhya Pradesh for shooting for the first time. This kingdom is no less than a heaven. The film will be shot in many important places of MP.

shooting in a schedule
During the muhurta of the film, producer Naresh Jain started by performing puja with the Vedic method. This film will be shot in a single schedule. Shooting will be done in Indore’s Lalbagh, Footi Kothi as well as in Mandav of Dhar. Apart from this, this film will be shot in different parts of Madhya Pradesh. Technicians and crew members have also come from South India for the film.

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