In the affair of Operation Romeo, Sharad Kelkar was about to be scolded by a friend, know interesting anecdote

Sharad Kelkar He is a great actor, has shown amazing performance in many web series and films. Sharad’s performance in the film ‘Operation Romeo’, released in April this year, was highly appreciated. Due to Sharad’s acting, there was tremendous displeasure among the audience. In this Hindi remake of Malayalam film ‘Ishq’, Sharad plays the role of Mangesh Jadhav, a greedy cop. Directed by Sushant Shah, the film can now be seen on End Picture from September 24.

Whether any actor gets the love of the audience or fiercely hated for his role, this is the measure of measuring his best acting. In ‘Operation Romeo’, Sharad Kelkar has played the role of a person, seeing that people started thinking of slapping. This has been disclosed by the actor himself.

Sharad said people will hit me with slippers
Talking to Hindustan Times, Sharad Kelkar told that ‘A few days after the shooting of the film, I went to the office of film producer Neeraj Pandey sir. I told him that it is not happening to me, it is very difficult. I also told my director that it is very challenging for a person like me to play this character. I don’t know what I am doing, I feel very bad, people will hit me with chappals’. Surprisingly, Neeraj sir said that if you are feeling like this then it is better for the film’.

Friends said I wanted to kill you
The interesting thing is that when the film was released, Sharad Kelkar got different types of response. The actor said that ‘my friends said that after watching the film, I felt like hitting you with a slap’. I was tense for 20-30 days after shooting this film, it was all because of the character of ‘Operation Romeo’.

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Sharad Kelkar was under stress while shooting
Sharad told that ‘I do not rehearse much, it becomes mechanical. I was feeling very bad after playing Mangesh Jadhav. The entire film was shot overnight. On my way home after packing, I used to think about what I was doing. I am the father of an 8-year-old daughter but this is the life of an actor and we have to go through this pain.

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