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Imlie Twist Imlie will expose Jyoti, tremendous twist is coming in the show

Imlie Twist- India TV Hindi
Imlie Twist


  • Tamarind realized Jyoti’s conspiracy
  • Jyoti gave money to Madhav for lying

Imlie TwistHigh voltage drama is currently going on in the small screen’s famous serial Imli. Aryan is confused that the child in Tamarind’s stomach is not his but Madhav’s. Due to which Aryan now wants to kill Madhav. While Tamarind tries to save Madhav from Aryan’s havoc. Meanwhile, Aryan learns about Tamarind’s shooting. After which Aryan questions Tamarind, but both talk less and fight more.

After the boys from each other, both of them leave the house. When Aryan and Tamarind reach home, Jyoti is acting upset. Actually Jyoti does not know that Tamarind and Aryan have come and she is practicing how to weep and wash after Tamarind’s death. Suddenly Jyoti gets nervous seeing both of them. Aryan tells Jyoti that Tamarind is safe. Meanwhile, Aryan realizes that Tamarind can never be wrong.

In such a situation, Aryan asks himself that if Tamarind has so much trust in Madhav, then why is he unable to trust him? Seeing Tamarind alive, Jyoti starts making another plan to separate the two. On the other hand, Tamarind realizes that there is someone who has tampered with the papers. Will Tamarind be able to find out the truth about Jyoti?

Tamarind goes to Madhav’s house to find out the truth. But Jyoti and Harry reach there before Tamarind. Jyoti asks Madhav to lie to Tamarind. Along with talking about paying Madhav the cost of lying, she also gives him a check. But when Madhav refuses, Harry attacks him. Tamarind reaches there on the spot and takes Madhav to the hospital. It will be interesting to see whether Madhav will tell the whole truth to Tamarind?

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