‘I beat boys’, rumors became a punishment in Kangana Ranaut’s marriage, ‘Panga Girl’ is saddened by not getting married!

Kangana Ranaut is famous in Bollywood for her ‘Dhakad’ statement. Not only on Bollywood but also on the issues of the country and abroad, she keeps her opinion in a sharp way. Known as ‘Panga Girl’, Kangana has been in the headlines many times for her love life, but she could never bring her love to the end of her marriage. Recently, Kangana Ranaut revealed that who has become the panauti in her marriage and why she is not getting married?

Kangana Ranaut locks the words of good and bad with her sharp style. ‘Panga Queen’ recently revealed that what is the reason why they are not getting married. He told that the reason behind this is nothing but just rumours.

Kangana is not getting the perfect match
Recently during the interview, he said in a joking manner that rumors spread in such a way that people made up their mind about me and now this is the reason why I am not getting any perfect match now. Kangana’s film ‘Dhaakad’ is going to be released soon, which is an action-thriller film. In this, she is going to be seen doing forceful action.

Kangana is sad for not getting married!
During a conversation with Siddharth Kanan, when Kangana was asked why she is as strong as the character of her film in real life? After listening to the question, smiling Kangana said, ‘It is not so. Whom would I kill in real life? I am not getting married because people are spreading such rumors about me.

Why is Kangana not getting married?
When the question was asked about Kangana’s marriage whether she is not able to get married because of this, because people have formed an opinion about her that she is very tough? In response to this, the actress jokingly said, ‘Yes, because there is such a discussion about me that I beat up boys’.

Arjun Rampal reveals the merits of Kangana
Arjun Rampal, the actor of the film ‘Dhaakad’ was a part of this entire conversation. He also told the goodness of Kangana, saying in a funny way not to spread such rumours. He said, ‘All I can say about Kangana is that she is a wonderful actress. Whatever she does, she does it for her role, but she is not like that in real life. Kangana is very sweet, loving in real life. They fear God. She does a lot of worship and yoga too.

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