Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandmother passed away, Padma Rani Omprakash was 91 years old

Hrithik Roshan (Hrithik Roshan) maternal grandmother Padma Rani Omprakash passed away at the age of 91. According to media reports, Padma Rani passed away on June 16 at 3 am. His last rites were performed at around 10.30 am at the crematorium in Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Padma Rani was the wife of late director-producer J Om Prakash. She was the mother-in-law of Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan. Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandfather and legendary filmmaker J Om Prakash passed away on 7 August 2019. He was 93 years old and lived in Mumbai.

According to media reports, the reason for the death of Padma Rani was age-related health problems. Padma was living with the Roshan family for the last two years. Padma’s daughter Pinky Roshan used to share her pictures from time to time. She was often seen lying on the bed.

Padma Rani was the wife of J Om Prakash
Om Prakash ‘Bhagwan Dada’, ‘With You’, ‘Why After All?’, ‘Arpan’, ‘Aas Paas’, ‘Asha’, ‘Aashiq Hoon Baharon Ka’, ‘Apnapan’, ‘Availation’ and ‘Aap Ki Known for directing popular films like Kasam. He had also produced films like ‘Aankhen’, ‘Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke’, ‘Aaye Din Bahar Ke’, ‘I Milan Ki Bela’ among many other films.

Hrithik Roshan maternal grandmother death, Padma Rani Omprakash passes away

Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandfather J Om Prakash was a great filmmaker. (Photo Credits: Twitter@iHrithik)

Told Nana his super teacher
Hrithik shared a note on his Twitter page while sharing photos with his grandfather. He wrote in the tweet, ‘My great teacher – my maternal grandfather whom I affectionately call Deda, I now share with my children the lessons he taught me at every stage of his life.’

Hrithik Roshan was very close to maternal grandparents
Hrithik Roshan further wrote, ‘Doctor Oja, my childhood speech therapist, who helped me accept my weaknesses and overcome the fear of stammer.’ Hrithik always loved his maternal grandparents. He has spoken about them on several occasions.

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