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Home Shanti Review: If you have seen ‘Gullak’ web series then you will not get newness in ‘Home Shanti’

Most of the web series creators create a world in which the middle class is almost ignored, whereas in the beginning of television in India, serials like Hum Log, Buniyaad or Nukkad, middle and lower middle class used to be the hero of the story. With the success of some web series, the producer directors have made the impression that abuse, obscenity, violence and degradation of morality is the formula for the success of their web series. This notion tries to break some web series in between. Amazon Prime’s Panchayat or Lakh Mein Ek, Kota Factory on Netflix has been seen rebelling against the set formula of success. The specialty of most of TVF’s television or web programs is that they stick only to the stories of the middle class and serve content to crores of viewers without abusing, violence and vulgarity. There have been three seasons of ‘Gullak’, the story of a small-town middle-class family on Sony Liv. Inspired by this, Disney+Hotstar has also made an effort by presenting the 6 episode series “Home Shanti”. Home Shanti is a cold wind if you are plagued by OTT’s extravagant and non-family content, it should be taken care of immediately.

Home Shanti has a small family in which father Manoj Pahwa is an unemployed poet, mother Supriya Pathak is a teacher, daughter Chakori is studying in Dwivedi College and son Pujan Chhabra is currently studying in school. Despite facing the tragedies of the middle class, this family wants to build a house on their purchased plot. There are no architects in a small town, there is a contractor who is known to some relative, there is also a pandit who gets the puja done, there is an astrologer who is a relative of a friend and there is a Vastu of the house. let’s set. Sometimes an architect also comes who specializes in building air forts instead of houses. Similarly, the exercise of building a house starts between some other characters and then all the members of the house using their intelligence either help in the construction of the house or want to run away from this responsibility. In Home Shanti, an episode has been composed from some sour and sweet incidents like this. If you are from a small town and have ever seen your parents exercising to build a house on the plot, then you will be able to agree with each and every scene of this series. Very sweet and sweet incidents. During the summer, the ice cream made by rolling the milk, salt nuggets brought from the grocer and ice cubes brought from the street vendors, had a different taste. This is the same ice cream.

Manoj Pahwa with his massive body and fluid face is the true image of a middle-class man who gets happy with little things. If he loves cricket, then nothing is more important than watching matches on mobile. He has the pretense of considering himself as a poet and therefore considers his half unfinished tired poems to be literature. However, a poem written by him has definitely been used in every episode, which is poignant. College going daughter Chakor Dwivedi is amazing. Unhappy with the smallness of his city, but he also knows the importance of his city. In these cities, girls grow up quickly and are burdened with responsibility. Younger brother Poojan Chhabra is the beloved of the mother and every small and big wish of hers keeps getting fulfilled, due to which the sister also annoys her but also loves her a lot. The best character is played by Supriya Pathak whose dream is to build this house. He is a teacher. He is also respected in the city. She runs the house. The traditional habit of making the daughter responsible does not go away and the son is not spared from spoiling by pampering. Despite all this, in order to fulfill the dream of her house, she gives a tree to her husband, daughter and sometimes even son.

The makers of the series are the team that gave middle class flavor to most of TVF’s web series and hence Home Shanti never deviates from its specified. Home Shanti marks a major milestone in director Akanksha Dua’s short career after supporting directorial roles in Phillauri and Sachin A Billion Dreams and successfully directing web series like Bisht Please and Mr. He has done his job well. Apart from her TVF days partner Nidhi Bisht, Akanksha has co-written the series with Akshay Asthana, Saurabh Khanna (Kota Factory, Yeh Meri Family, Hostel Days) Mayank Pandey and Nikhil Sachan. Playback singer Shashwat Singh has composed the music of Home Shanti which is reminiscent of a small town. Some other things are notable in this web series like the selection of clothes of the characters. These cities also have different brands which are influenced a little by Mumbai fashion and a little by movies. Special attention has been paid to the decoration of the houses. How the dining table of the middle class is actually useful for studies and sometimes for writing. In the new house, the daughter wants a separate bathroom for herself and the son wants a gym. Parents want to make a study so that they can call relatives and sit there and get satsang done. Such pleasant and grounded thinking is rarely seen nowadays.

‘Home Shanti’ is a lovely web series. There are short episodes. There are no big conflicts. There are no streets or pornography. There is love, there is a breakup and between the jugalbandi of brother and sister, there are also parental rites. When jaggery is made from sugarcane juice, it is customary to eat fresh jaggery with gram. Home Shanti is exactly that. This is Sattu, or Bael’s syrup in summer. ‘Home Shanti’ is Rooh-Afza. The only fear is that this type of web series on Disney+Hotstar has come of late and there is no guarantee of success of middle class stories now. Watch with family, it will be a lot of fun, only this can be guaranteed.

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