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Hindustani Bhau will be seen in ‘Bhau Ka Sikka’, the new video song is going to create a ruckus

Hindustani Bhau A lot of coin runs on social media. Videos of Hindustani Bhau, who give a variety of messages and are drenched in the spirit of patriotism, are well-liked by the people, but now soon people will get to see a different style of him. Hindustani Bhau will soon be seen in a different style in the video song ‘Bhau Ka Sikka’.

PV Handa and Shelly Arora Handa have taken up the production of the song ‘Bhau Ka Sikka’. Apart from this song, both are also jointly producing a Punjabi song titled ‘Jatt Shad Ho Gaya’. Both the songs are being produced under the label ‘Gold Dust Records Music’. It is noteworthy that the shooting of both these songs ‘Bhau Ka Sikka’ and ‘Jatt Shad Ho Gaya’ is going on simultaneously in the same studio in Mumbai i.e. Kingsman Studio which is located in front of PVR Cinema in Juhu area.

Vikas Gate will be seen in ‘Bhau Ka Sikka’
Where in ‘Bhau’s coin’ Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Phatak will be seen in the lead, while ‘Jatt Shad Ho Gaya’ will see actor Akash Jagga and actress Idin Rose in the lead roles. It is noteworthy that Akash Jagga has played an important role in the famous TV serial ‘Sasural Simar Ka’, while Idin Rose is also a well-known name in the TV world. It is worth noting that both these video songs are directed by R. are kings.

People will like this new style of mine – Hindustani Bhau
Hindustani Bhau, while interacting with the media on the occasion of the shooting of the song ‘Bhau Ka Sikka’, said, “I am extremely thankful to producers PV Handa and Shelly Arora Handa for casting a person like me in this song. I thought. Giving opportunities to new people and new talents is the biggest need of today, otherwise all the talented people die while struggling and no one even asks them. I hope that people will like this new style of me that looks different from my videos in social media. Speaking on the occasion, Producer Hailey Arora Handa said, “We believe in giving opportunities and nurturing new talent. We have tried this through both these songs and will continue to present sweet and meaningful songs to the people, carrying forward this tradition even further.

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