HBD: Vindu was in love with his special friend Tabu’s elder sister, this love story had made a lot of headlines

Happy Birthday Vindu Dara Singh: Vindu Dara Singh is a well-known face of Bollywood and Punjabi film industry. Vindu Dara Singh became quite popular after participating in ‘Bigg Boss 3’ and winning it. He is the son of famous wrestler and actor Dara Singh. Vindu Dara Singh has always been in the headlines for one reason or the other. Sometimes he has been in the headlines due to the controversy from IPL to personal life. Today Vindu Dara Singh is celebrating his 58th birthday (Vindu Dara Singh Birthday).

Few people know about Vindu Dara Singh that he was a good friend of Tabu. He had fallen in love with Tabu’s elder sister Farah Naaz. Farha and Vindu were joined by Tabu and both got married in 1996. However, their relationship did not last long and the couple got divorced in 2003 itself. According to many media reports, the estrangement started between the two since their marriage. Later the relationship between the two became so bad that even thoughts of suicide used to come in Farha’s mind.

vindu dara singh celebrating his 58th birthday today

Farha herself has also been an actress and has worked in many successful films. (file photo)

Farah was scared when she heard the marriage proposal
There was a time before the marriage of both when Vindu, Farha and Tabu used to go to the same dance class. The hero of Farha’s film also used to come in the same dance class. first day Vindu Dara Singh Went straight to Farha. He immediately asked Farha – how are you? Right now Farha was trying to recognize Vindu that Vindu proposed her for marriage.

Farah remained silent
Farha first felt that he was joking after listening to Vindu. But Vindu did not listen and stood there. Vindu tells Farah that he is serious. He asked Farha – tell me when are we getting married? Farha did not react to Vindu’s words and she remained silent. Vindu Dara Singh tried to impress Farha for a long time, after which Farha told him yes. Vindu and Farha got married after a date of almost two years.

vindu dara singh celebrating his 58th birthday today

Today Vindu Dara Singh is celebrating his 58th birthday.(File photo)

second marriage after divorce
Vindu Dara Singh and Farha got divorced in 2003, after which Farah married Sumeet Sehgal in the same year. Vindu Dara Singh also married model Dino Umarova for the second time. This couple also has a cute daughter. At the same time, Farah is currently away from the glamor world.

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