Good News! On September 23, the film will be able to be seen in theaters for Rs 75, but the people of these cities will not get the benefit

movie lovers There is a great news for you. However, in the announcement of this good news, the Multiplex Association of India had already started this month that September 16 will be National Cinema Day. Announcement was told that tickets will be sold for Rs 75 in 4 thousand multiplexes across the country. However, this could not happen on this 16 September. The association later announced again that National Cinema Day would now be celebrated across the country on 23 September.

Booking on its basis has also started in many cinemas. PVR is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. On this occasion, this offer has been implemented in 4 thousand multiplexes across the country on this Friday i.e. 23 September in PVR’s cinema hall. However, this offer is not for audiences in every theatre.

PVR has said in its announcement that this offer will not be available in PVRs of many South Indian cities including Hyderabad, Kochi. Where on one hand people all over the country are happy with this announcement of PVR. At the same time, people living in many South Indian cities including Hyderabad and Kochi will be disappointed because ‘Donglunnaru Jagratha’, ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’ and ‘Alluri’ are going to be released in Telugu language this Friday.

Many other multiplexes are also offering on the occasion of National Cinema Day, but the audience is not aware of this. In such a situation, the audience does not understand why people are celebrating National Cinema Day.

At the same time, a rumor also spread regarding the issue of extending the date of National Cinema Day that the makers of ‘Brahmastra’ extended the date of National Cinema Day to increase the sale of tickets. Because the film was released on September 12 at the box office. Had it been celebrated on 16 September, the film’s collection would have suffered.

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