GHKPM 21th June Written Update: Sai and Pakhi drink coffee together, Chavan family will celebrate Samrat’s birth anniversary

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st June Written Update: In today’s episode of Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, it is shown that Pakhi enters the room and apologizes to Sai for bothering her when she leaves for work. She replies that it doesn’t matter. Pakhi says that she wants to help with the preparations for Samrat’s birthday. Sai says that she has not yet sought permission from Bhavani. Pakhi says she will handle it and asks him if he wants coffee and she says there is no one to share coffee with her like she used to do with Samrat. Sai says that she will have coffee with him and they both sit down and start drinking coffee.

Pakhi asks Sai how she is handling personal and professional life and Sai tells that she knows where to set boundaries. Pakhi says that she is lucky as she has Virat as her husband who supports her all the time. Virat comes with a mattress and pillow and Pakhi asks him why he slept somewhere else.

Virat says that Sai was doing a case study and that’s why he had to sleep outside. Pakhi thinks that Virat is lying because surely there is some difference in their relationship now and she should use it to her advantage and make it her own. Ninad and Ashwini worry that Virat is distancing himself from Sai.

Pakhi goes to Bhavani’s room and Bhavani gets angry. Pakhi says that she knows that she does not like him. Pakhi says that she dreamed that the emperor was getting sad because no one remembers him. That’s why she wants to celebrate his birthday, so that he can get some peace.

GHKPM 20th June Written Update: Sai plans to celebrate Samrat’s birth anniversary, Pakhi will accompany

Bhavani agrees. Everyone starts the celebration of the emperor’s birthday. Mansi seems lethargic so Sai makes her happy. Shivani asks Virat to stand next to Sai and Pakhi gets jealous.

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