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GHKKPM 7th May Update: Virat wants to change his name after marriage, Bhavani gets furious

‘Missing in someone’s love’ In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th May written update, it was shown on Saturday 7th May that Virat tells everyone that Rajiv and Shivani should stay with him in Chavan House. Sai also gives her consent and says that this is the right idea. Bhavani asks if he wants to make Rajiv a ghar jamai. Rajiv says that if everyone does not want to see him as Ghar Jamai, then there is no problem.

Samrat says there that Rajiv should stay at home as he also enjoys his food. Virat says that the emperor cooks very tasty food. Ashwini says that he is also ill and there is no one in the house to take care of him. Mansi says that Omkar and Ashwini are saying absolutely right. Onkar asks Bhavani what is her decision. Bhavani also agrees. Rajiv, Sai, Shivani, Virat and Samrat get happy seeing all this.

‘Missing in someone’s love’ It was further shown that after this conversation, Panditji asks both the brides what their name will be after marriage. Shivani says that she wants to keep her name only as Shivani because this name was given to her by Nagesh Dada and she becomes emotional. Sai says that she wants to keep her name as Sai Virat Chavan. Virat asks Sai if she really wants to do this. Virat says that he also wants to change his name. Bhavani gets furious on hearing this.

Virat says that if Sai can change his name and add his name, then he can do the same. Virat says that he wants to change his name to Virat Sai Chavan. Everyone is happy to hear this but Bhavani and Omkar are angry. Sai tells Virat that there is no need to do this. Virat tells Sai that he wants to do this. Bhavani says that he is insulting his father.

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