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GHKKPM 4th April Update: Virat wants to leave Sai and his family members, took this step

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th April written update, shown on Monday, 4th April, Sonali asks who mixed cannabis in Gujiya if Ashwini did not mix it? Bhavani says that Sai must have done this. By then Sai comes there and says that she had only mixed bhang in gujiya and asked Ashwini to feed it to Virat.

Bhavani gets annoyed on hearing this and starts shouting at Sai that how can she do such a thing and will use Ashwini to her advantage. Pakhi says what you can expect from Sai, she is a cheap one. Sai asks Pakhi to keep quiet and says that she was expecting drama by feeding Bhang to Sai. Virat asks Sai there that how can she fall so much and Virat also says that he did not expect such a thing from Sai.

Sai says that he mixed cannabis so that Virat could enjoy Holi. Didn’t you guys enjoy Holi seeing him like this? Mohit right there, says that after a long time Virat and Samrat looked like this. The emperor agrees with him and says that Sai helped Virat save his honor. At the same time, Virat leaves angrily saying that he knows what to do. Sai follows Virat and hears that Virat talks to DIG about transfer and says that he does not want to live with his family in Nagpur.

DI right there, tells Virat not to leave his family. The DIG says that he also enjoyed celebrating Holi with him. Virat however repeatedly requests the DIG to do so once. Ashwini also hears these things and weepingly asks Sai to stop Virat.

Sai asks Virat why he wants to leave the house. Virat says that he does not want to be surrounded by problems. Ashwini tells everyone that Virat has talked about transfer and everyone gets shocked hearing this.

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