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GHKKPM 17th May Update: Hiding from family, Sai joined internship, another trouble came

‘Missing in someone’s love’ (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th May Written Update) On Tuesday, 17th May, it was shown that Pulkit welcomes all the interns and introduces Sai to the most. He tells everyone that Sai has topped his college. Everyone applauds for him. Sai overhears the rest of the interns talking among themselves about how Sai and her husband have added each other’s names to their names.

Sai gets happy hearing all this. By then another doctor enters the conference room and he shouts loudly at the intern for wasting time. He asks everyone to behave like interns because soon everyone is going to be a doctor. Pulkit introduces everyone to Dr Machindra Thurat. Dr. Thurat asks Pulkit to go out and asks everyone to introduce themselves.

‘Missing in someone’s love’, It is shown further that Sai introduces himself as Sai Virat Chavan. Dr. Thurat tells Sai that he is not interested in his personal life. At the same time, he instructs Sai to behave like a professional. He takes all the interns to show the hospital. Sai listens carefully to everything with a smile. Dr. Thurat asks Say why she is smiling so much. Sai says it is the first day of internship and she is excited. He is then instructed to behave like a professional within his limits.

Here, Pakhi instigates Bhavani against Sai. Bhavani says that Sai is her good daughter-in-law and she tells Pakhi not to speak like this. Pakhi goes to her room angrily and thinks that she will not leave Sai. She decides to insult Sai in front of Bhavani. Sai hears that Machindra tells a ward boy that he has waived a patient’s bill so he can have an operation.

Sai thinks that Machindra has a good side too, so she goes to him and asks for leave till 3 o’clock. As soon as she goes and asks for leave, Machindra tells her that she can go. He should go to his home and stay at home because he needs an intern who is serious towards work. At the same time, he also tells Sai that Sai should cook food at home.

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