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GHKKPM 16th May Update: Bhavani is upset with the result, now how will Sai do internship?

‘Missing in someone’s love’ In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th May written update, on Monday 16th May, it is shown that Sonali tells Bhavani that Sai still wants to become a doctor. She is breaking her promise. Karishma says that she will not even cook food now because she has topped the exam. When Pakhi sees Virat hugging Sai, she gets irritated and gets jealous. Bhavani asks everyone to stop this celebration.

Bhavani says that if Sai does not become a doctor, then all this has no importance. Sai says that she has to do internship now so that she can get her license. Bhavani tells Sai not to teach her anything. Sai gets disappointed but by then Result Bhavani tries to tear Sai by her hands but Sai stops Bhavani from doing so and tells her not to tear her because then she will not be able to become a doctor.

‘Missing in someone’s love’, it is further shown that Mohit and Ashwini try to persuade Bhavani to allow Sai to become a doctor. Bhavani does not listen to their words and Virat says that he will do all these things later and wants to eat first. Sai serves food to Virat and also looks at his internship letter and is happy. Sai goes to the room and presents his report card and certificate to Aaba. She says that she might not be able to become a doctor even though she has suffered a lot to reach here.

By then Virat comes in the room and Saye asks Virat to go and tell everything the truth to Bhavani. Virat says that he will tell everyone the truth soon. The next day, making an excuse, he takes Sai to college for internship. They reach and Virat tells Sai not to worry too much. He meets Sai’s friends and leaves from there.

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