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GHKKPM 14th May Update: Passed with good numbers, Bhavani did not like this success

In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th May written update, it was shown on Saturday, 14th May, that Bhavani says that she is feeling very tired. Sonali also says that her back is hurting. Karishma makes fun of him. Pakhi brings turmeric milk to everyone. Sonali angrily asks Karishma to deliver the milk to the room. Bhavani says that she is now relaxed by giving all the responsibilities to Sai.

Bhavani asks Pakhi to heat the milk again but she does not give any kind of reaction. Bhavani tells that she should not pay attention to the cowrie incident that happened in the temple. Sai will definitely give the lamp of the house to Chavan Khandar. Pakhi tells Bhavani that she is thinking of something else. Sai looks at Molly’s thread and it remembers Bhavani’s words. Virat comes and tries to get intimate with Sai but Sai says that she is worried about something else.

‘Missing in someone’s love’, It is further shown that Virat tells Sai not to worry too much about the lie as it will prepare Bhavani for the truth. Virat asks Sai if he doesn’t like that Bhavani praises and respects him. She says that she likes all this but she is getting all this because of her lies. Virat again tells Sai not to worry and tries to come to her.

But, Sai pushes her. Pakhi tells Bhavani that she realizes that Sai is just acting to be good. Bhavani tells Pakhi to stop thinking too much. Pakhi thinks to herself that there must be something or the other, Sai will not give up her dreams so easily. The next day, Bhavani tells Sayee that she has organized a special kumkum program for her. He has to be ready by 4:30.

Sai says that she can handle her medicine along with household chores. Bhavani shouts at Sai. Virat and Pulkit come home with flowers and tell her that she passed with good marks. Sai gets happy. Sai is picked up by Virat and Mohit together but Bhavani screams and asks her to stop the drama.

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