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GHKKPM 11th May Update: Bhavani is happy with Sai, Virat promises to do everything right

‘Missing in someone’s love’ (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th May Written Update) It is shown on Wednesday, 11th May, that Virat, smiling to Sai, says that finally the two have become one now. While there, Sai tells Virat that she had fallen in love with Virat a long time ago, but the two eventually get into an argument. Virat tells Sai to trust him. He tells Sai that he did not want to lose her under any circumstances so he lied to Kaku (Bhavani).

Sai says that she is just worried that something should not go wrong. She says that she does not want to get into any more trouble as both of them have already suffered a lot. Virat tells Sai that whatever comes between the paths of both, they will deal with it. Virat asks Sai what is the plan now. Sai asks Virat what he wants to say. Virat tells Sai in a romantic way that they should complete all the rituals. Those rituals which are performed after marriage.

‘Missing in someone’s love’ In the latest episode of Kaku, it is further shown that Sai says that she will move forward in this relationship only if she tells everything the truth to Kaku. Virat agrees to Sayee and hugs her. Samrat, on the other hand, apologizes to Pakhi for shouting at her. Pakhi asks Samrat not to show false sympathy. Pakhi tells Samrat that he will never understand her pain. She asks Samrat to divorce her one after the other. Samrat says that he knows what it is like to love someone when he doesn’t love you.

Pakhi gets shocked hearing this. Samrat tells Pakhi that their marriage did not start well but now he considers her as his wife and is in love with her. Pakhi gets shocked hearing all this. Next morning Bhavani asks where is Sai.

Onkar tells Bhavani why she is smiling and taking Sai’s name. Bhavani says that she is his daughter-in-law. Saye puts it on the breakfast table. Bhavani gets very happy seeing Saye doing household chores.

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