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GHKKPM 10th May Update: Sai’s tension increased, Virat told the reason for accepting Bhavani’s condition

In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th May written update, it was shown on Tuesday that Sai looks at her and Virat’s picture and smiles. She thanks Virat for this surprise. Virat asks Sai to sit on the bed and says that he does not want to lose her. Sai tells Virat that both of them delayed in expressing their feelings to each other but now it doesn’t matter as both are together.

Sai asks Virat why he made such a decision in front of Bhavani’s condition and what is he planning. Sai says that she knows that she has always wanted to be a doctor. Virat asks Sai to calm down and says that he lied to Bhavani that he has accepted their condition as he did not want any further hindrance in the marriage under any circumstances. Virat says that even if he wanted, he could not convince Bhavani so he lied.

‘Missing in someone’s love’ It is further shown that Sai is shocked to hear this and says that she cannot start her new life with a lie. Sai says that in this way she will not be able to start her career. This is against his principles so he has to tell the truth to Bhavani. While there, Ashwini asks Bhavani why Virat-Sai needed to make such a condition before marriage. Bhavani says that she did this so that the name of the family remains.

Bhavani also says that Virat’s decision to change his name was not right. Ashwini defends Virat. By then Sai reaches Bhavani’s room to tell the truth. But Virat comes from behind and asks her not to tell the truth yet. He says that she might get angry on telling this.

Virat asks Sai to give her some time so that she can plan how to tell the truth to Bhavani. Sai agrees and asks Virat to solve the matter at the earliest as his internship will also start soon.

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