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Gaurav Khanna wrote an emotional post on Rupali Ganguly’s birthday, said- ‘You are a wonderful co-star’

Rupali GanguliCelebrating her birthday today. The actress was born on this day i.e. on 5th April 1977 in Kolkata. These days she remains in the discussion due to the serial ‘Anupamaa’. On Rupali’s special day (Rupali Ganguli Birthday), fans-friends and family are getting a lot of birthday wishes, but Gaurav Khanna, who played Anuj’s character with him in the show, congratulated him in a special way. A heart touching note has been written.

Whether shooting for shows or shooting films, there is bound to be a good bonding between the actors by staying together for a long time. On the 45th birthday of ‘Anupama’ lead actress Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna shared a beautiful photo and wrote, ‘Happy Birthday Rupali Ganguly.. You are one of the best people I have worked with.. To a wonderful person. Star, may all your wishes come true and you will always be happy Rupali ji.

(Photo Credits: gauravkhannaofficial/Instagram)

Rupali calls Gaurav Khanna Mr National crush
His dashing co-star Anuj aka Gaurav Khanna Anupama aka Rupali, who became emotional after this beautiful congratulation, also did not delay in replying and wrote ‘Thank you Mr. National Crush for the birthday greetings and such beautiful words.. I found a wonderful co-star who is also a valuable friend Is. Once again thank you Gaurav ji.

(Photo Credits: gauravkhannaofficial/Instagram)

Anuj-Anupama’s fans are also congratulating
Seeing Anuj-Anupama’s picture and post, fans are also fiercely congratulating Rupali on her birthday and are also praising both the actors. Let us tell you that onscreen Gaurav Khanna and Rupali Ganguly keep getting a lot of love from the audience.

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In the serial ‘Anupama’ these days Anupama is soon going to get married with her friend Anuj Kapadia. There are all kinds of difficulties in the marriage of these two, because Vanraj, Paritosh and Kavya do not want Anupama to marry again.

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