First look of short film ‘Ghost Star’ released, Rajveer Singh seen in lead role

OTT But more than one web series, short films and movies are being released. The special thing is that the audience can enjoy these films and shows whenever they want. Now people can enjoy new movies and web series on their mobile while sitting at their home, traveling in train or bus. Before the pandemic, it was difficult to even imagine this big change in the digital world.

The good news for the audience is that the first look of the short film ‘Ghost Star’ directed by Anish Khan has been launched, which is being discussed a lot on social media. The first poster of the film looks great. In the poster, a youth is standing with a guitar, in front of which there is a view of the whole city.

‘Ghost Star’ is the story of a guitarist
It is director Anish Khan’s imagination and creativity that the poster tells a lot. ‘Ghost star’ here means a star who is a star, but no one can see it. No one even knows him. This is the story of a guitarist who wants to spread his art to the world.

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The short film ‘Ghost Star’ has been directed by Anish Khan.

Anish Khan is the writer and director of the film
Something happens with a young star that he becomes a ghost star. He plays the guitar for others and lives a life of oblivion. Presented by ‘Holly Cow Entertainment’ and ‘Aardwolf Kingdom’, the film ‘Ghost Star’ is written and directed by Anish Khan.

Rajveer Singh has played the lead role
Rajveer Singh has played the lead role in this short film. He is seen standing with a guitar in the poster. He has done a lot in the film and his role is quite challenging. Apart from Rajveer Singh, Kishan Bhan, Prerna Trivedi have played important roles in the film. The film is produced by Rajamma Dixit. Anish Khan, Rahul Vimala Tiwari are associated with the film as co-producers.

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