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Firoz Khan’s life is going through a bad phase, Pak actor’s house is on the verge of collapse

Well-known actor of Pakistani drama industry Feroze Khan is once again in the headlines. The actor, who once came into the limelight by making a controversial statement on marriage, has come into the limelight these days about his personal life. Firoz Khan is counted among the well-known names of Pakistani drama industry. But, these days he is in discussion about his personal life and not his professional life. There is a discussion that something is not going well between Firoz Khan and his wife Alijeh.

Yes, according to new reports, Feroz Khan and his wife have decided to separate. Both want to separate after about 4 years of marriage. Not only this, the conflict between the two has increased so much that the actor and his wife have also unfollowed each other on social media. Along with this, all the pictures and videos that were shared with each other have also been deleted.

That is, it is clear that something is not going well between Firoz and Alijeh. Firoz and Alijeh have two children, who are currently living with Alijeh. After separating from his wife, Firoz has filed a case seeking visitation rights to meet the children.

Recently, Firoz Khan spoke openly on love and romance in an interview and said- ‘I want to romance in real life. I want to fall in love, I want to experience love. Allah has given us a lot. So instead of the camera, I want to fall in love in real life. After this statement of Firoz Khan, the news of a rift in the relationship between him and Alijeh gained momentum.

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