Fans were surprised to see the latest pics of cute-handsome Sanjay Suri, the actor is not recognized at all

new Delhi: Sanjay Suri, who has appeared in films like ‘My Brother Nikhil’ and ‘Jhankar Beats’, needs no introduction. People have not forgotten him even today. Sanjay Suri is an actor as well as a producer and people like to watch his films. Sanjay Suri is often seen in web series and films. But, in real life now he looks quite different from before. 50-year-old Sanjay Suri will celebrate his 51st birthday on 6 April.

It would not be wrong to say that Sanjay Suri has started looking more fit and handsome with increasing age. You might not even recognize them at a glance. Sanjay Suri’s fans love his salt and pepper look in real life. Sanjay Suri has started looking even more fit than before. Sanjay Suri often shares his pictures on Instagram and his fans do not get tired of praising him. Sanjay Suri is considered a creative producer and actor. If he also makes special appearances in films, then people like him.

  Sanjay Suri looks changed from my brother nikhil and jhankar beats days

Sanjay Suri now looks quite different from before. (Photo Credits: sanjaysuri/instagram)

Sanjay Suri has been active in Bollywood for the last several years and when it comes to personal life, Sanjay Suri married Ambika Suri in 2001. Both also have two children. Sanjay Suri is fond of traveling and he also keeps sharing pictures on Instagram.

  Sanjay Suri looks changed from my brother nikhil and jhankar beats days

The fans of Sanjay Suri like his look very much. (Photo Credits: sanjaysuri/instagram)

Let us tell you about Sanjay Suri that he started his career with modeling and he was one of the top models in the 90s. Sanjay Suri started his career in Bollywood with ‘Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhie’. His opposite Rinke Khanna was in this film. Sanjay Suri’s acting was highly praised in this film. After this he worked in films like ‘Daman’, ‘Filhaal’, ‘Dil Vil Pyaar Vyar’.

Sanjay Suri has been seen continuously in many web series and films. Recently completed 17 years of his film ‘My Brother Nikhil’. On this occasion, he also shared the post on social media. Sanjay Suri calls himself an independent film maker. Sanjay Suri has always been known for doing out-of-the-box films. His film ‘I Am’ in 2010 and the film Chowranga in 2016 were also praised.

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