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Fans gave a befitting reply to Khesari’s opponents, Bhojpuri song ‘Buniya’ crossed 5 million in a day

The fans of Bhojpuri’s trending star Khesari Lal Yadav have given a befitting reply to his opponents. For the last few days, he has been surrounded by controversies. He was also abused and threatened in a live video by a person, after which the matter has caught a lot of attention. Meanwhile, where his opponents talk about beating him, the fans of the actor have stopped speaking to him by giving him a befitting reply. Khesari’s song ‘Buniya’ has become a hit as soon as it is released. This song of his is trending at number five on YouTube. Not only this, it has also got more than five million views in a single day.

Actress Apsara Kashyap is seen with Khesari in Bhojpuri song ‘Buniya’. Seeing the love that the audience and fans are getting for the video of this song, both the artists are not happy. Both have expressed their gratitude to the people by sharing the teaser video of the song on social media accounts. The song has been released a day before and everyone is happy with the response from the fans in just one day. When this song was released, it started trending at number 27 on the same day and then it was not known when it came to number 5. The fans of Khesari told his detractors that there is no dearth of his fans, therefore, no one can spoil the actor’s hair. Then no matter how hard someone tries.

If we talk about the video of the song, then it is getting to see strong chemistry between Khesari Lal Yadav and Apsara Kashyap (Khesari lal yadav-Apsara Kashyap video songs). The chemistry between both the stars is being liked by everyone and there is no answer to the temper of their romance. The actress can be seen showing sizzling looks in the video in a deep neck blouse with a Thai high slit black color gown. At the same time, the actor is seen in a casual look. There is no answer to the beauty of Apsara in this. His glamorous and sizzling performances have increased the heartbeat of the fans.

This song is sung by trending singer Shilpi Raj along with Khesari lal yadav-Shilpi Raj Songs. Both are trending stars and this song is very much liked in their voice. Being their own fan following, the video is getting a great response. The lyrics of the song are by Krishna Bedardi. The music director is also the same. The video is directed by Ashish Satyarthi. The choreographer is Anuj R Maurya.

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