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Famous Kannada actress died at the age of 21, plastic surgery was done to reduce weight

A sad news is coming out from the Kannada TV industry that popular TV actress Chethana Raj has passed away. He has said goodbye to the world at the age of 21. He took his last breath (chethana raj Death) in a private hospital in Bangalore. If media reports are to be believed, then the actress has lost her life due to plastic surgery. It is being told that he had done this plastic surgery to reduce weight and due to this, due to some mistake, he started having problems related to his lungs on the second day, after which he died.

According to media reports, Chetana’s parents did not know about this surgery. The actress did not share any information about this with him. It is being told that she alone was admitted to the hospital for surgery with friends, but this surgery proved costly for her and her family. While he left the world at an early age, his family lost their daughter, who would never come back. Due to this there is mourning in his house. The family is facing a time of sorrow.

It is also being said in the reports about the actress that after the surgery, some complications started in Chetna’s body and fluid started accumulating in her lungs, due to which Chetna died. At the same time, the family members of the actress have accused the doctors of negligence and have also filed a complaint against the hospital administration.

Chetna had done surgery to reduce the increased weight

On the death of actress Chetna, her uncle interacted with the media and shared the information. His uncle Rajappa says that ‘she was the daughter of his younger brother and used to work in Kannada TV serials. Someone told her that she was looking fat, so she felt that she should lose weight, then she reached Shetty Hospital to reduce her increased fat. There was no ICU in the hospital and water started accumulating in his lungs after the surgery. After this, the actress was sent to be shifted to another nearby hospital. But she died before she could reach another hospital and doctors also declared her brought dead. Chetna is known for the serials ‘geetha’ and ‘doresani’.

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