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Famous actor Matt Ford got monkeypox infection, shared the VIDEO | Monkeypox Infection: This famous actor got monkeypox infection, narrated the pain by sharing the video

Matt Ford got monkeypox infection- India TV
Matt Ford got monkeypox infection

Monkeypox Infection: Until now, where monkeypox was making common people their victim, now American actor Matt Ford has become the first celebrity who has been infected with monkeypox. He has narrated his pain by informing his fans about this by making several tweets on Twitter and making a video.

Actor could not sleep through the night

In a series of tweets, Ford, a self-employed actor who splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City, said that the disease sucks because he has failed to sleep through the night. He also criticized the US government for its slow response to the virus that has infected more than 142 people in the country.

questions raised on government

“The government needs to accelerate vaccines and testing. A slow response cannot be accepted,” Ford said. Ford said he was exposed to the virus through skin-to-skin contact and showed signs of illness a week after being infected in Los Angeles.

painful rash after fever

He was having high fever, chills, sweating, fatigue. Once the flu-like symptoms were gone, more itchy and painful spots appeared on many parts of his body. Ford’s doctor advised him to undergo a swab culture test, which was sent to the Department of Public Health to confirm that it was positive.

Blisters in private part too

Let us tell you that Ford has openly described himself as a gay person. That said, some people reported mild infections, but the exposure web I linked to has some severe symptoms. I am struggling to sleep at night at this point in time. According to a report in Buzzfeed, the actor also revealed spots around his private parts and later they spread to the rest of his body including his face, arms, hands and abdomen. Altogether, there are 25 spots on his body, which are now pus and itchy.

Ford wrote on Twitter, “I have monkeypox at the moment and it’s absolutely no joke. Get vaccinated if you can and be careful, especially New Yorkers with Pride.”

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