‘Family is not as supportive as it seems’ Mahesh Bhatt Mahesh Bhatt’s outspoken opinion about family

Mahesh Bhatt Has a full family, 4 children from two marriages. Mahesh has two children Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt from his first marriage, Lauren Bright aka Kiran Bhatt, while Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt have two daughters from second wife Soni Razdan. Mahesh Bhatt has a different thinking about society and relationships, and openly shares his heart. The filmmaker, who made sensitive and bold films, once said that the family is not as supportive as it is believed.

Actually, Mahesh Bhatt was on Simi Grewal’s famous chat show Rendezvous in the year 1998. Talking about the family during the show, Mahesh had said that one has to go through a lot of pain to become great for the family. The filmmaker had clarified his point and said that ‘like if I cannot fulfill my brother’s needs or wants, then he will keep distance from me and call me a bad brother. If I do not arrange food for my family, then they say that I am not a good family member.

pooja bhatt with mahesh mahesh and soni rajdan

Mahesh Bhatt with his wife and children. (Photo Credits: poojab1972/Instagram)

Mahesh Bhatt doesn’t trust anyone
When Simi Grewal asked Mahesh Bhatt whether he thinks that if he does not have money tomorrow, the family will not care about him. To this Mahesh said ‘I don’t think so’ and also said that he cannot trust anyone. Along with this, Mahesh had openly expressed his opinion on all the questions of Simi regarding family, relationships and society.

pooja bhatt with mahesh mahesh and rahul bhatt

Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt are children from Mahesh Bhatt’s first wife.(Photo Credits: poojab1972/Instagram)

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Mahesh Bhatt’s opinion about relationships
Mahesh had said that ‘all relationships are for fulfillment of something. When people bind together in a relationship and when they change, the relationship dies, ends. When the head of the family dies, people fight like dogs and cats for money even before his body is burnt…When I die, I know my family will say ‘oh my dear papa, oh my dear’ Husband..we miss him but he will be glad that I have left a gold mine for him’.

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