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Exclusive: Poonam Pandey longing for work – ‘A point came when I stopped getting work from the industry’

Poonam Pandey has been a part of erotic films and content for the last 10 years and Poonam has always kept her style openly. But in Ekta Kapoor’s reality show ‘Lock Up’, a simple next-door girl avatar of a bold and bindaas Poonak was also seen. Poonam Pandey’s fan following has increased a lot after this show and now Poonam also hopes that after this reality show, the doors and windows of the entertainment industry will open for the actress. In a special conversation with NEWS18 DIGITAL, Poonam Pandey admitted that she had been knocking on Bollywood’s doors for work for a long time, but she neither got the job nor the appreciation she deserved.

I am longing for work, just get a good job
When NEWS18 DIGITAL asked Poonam Pandey whether after the lockup do you think everything is going to change in terms of career. On this the actress said, ‘Look, whether it is a matter of fan base or work, this reality show has started changing my life. Whatever I have done in my life, I have always been judged. If you remember, I have also done films. But there came a time when I stopped getting work from the industry. I do not hold anyone responsible for this, most people may not have seen my work.

Poonam further says, ‘The lockup trophy was not that important for me. It was necessary for me that people should talk to me, connect. The kind of love and respect I am getting after this show, I am loving it because I was yearning for it, I was yearning for work. After the lockup, I am getting offers for web series. I have to work and I don’t want to be just an erotica star. Many people probably do not even know that I have done acting course, dance course. I am sitting after doing all this. I want to be a part of Bollywood, do films, work. I got a web series after this show, there are some more meetings too. Hope all is well.

The actress further says, ‘I just hope that I keep entertaining my fans, audience for years and I get good work.’

I have spoken to Ekta Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut all
Ekta Kapoor has given work to many people in her serials. Did you get any offer after this show? On this question Poonam said, ‘Yes I have requested her that we can work, and the good thing is that she likes me. Now I am hoping that they give me work. I hope you see me working with Kangana Ranaut as well because I love her too (laughs). I have got a lot of love from both these women. This is no less than a trophy for me.

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