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Exclusive: From romance to action, you will find everything in ‘Banaras’ – Zaid Khan on debut film

Banaras Movie: Pan India’s film ‘Banaras’ is ready to knock among the audience soon. The film will be released in theaters on 4 November 2022. Zaid Khan is going to start his film innings through this film. In the film, he is going to be seen with Sonal Monteiro. This is a romantic and mysterious love story. Zaid is also very excited about his debut film. Meanwhile, Zaid had a special conversation with News18 regarding his debut film and discussed his character and other matters in the film. Know what Zaid Khan said about ‘Banaras’.

Zaid also talked about his shooting experience in Kashi. He said- ‘The experience of shooting in Kashi was wonderful, when I and the team went to look for the location in Banaras, Kashi was surprised to see. This is a city where wherever you put the camera, you will get the location to shoot. Just waiting for the release of the film and it should get a lot of love from the audience, just want this.

Banaras – How was this title chosen?
Earlier we were a little confused about the title of the film. Many people suggested different titles. But, then 2-4 said, when we are shooting the entire film in Banaras, its title should also be associated with it. In the end, we worked on this suggestion and the election of ‘Banaras’ took place. 90 percent of the shooting of the film has also been done in Banaras itself.

You are the first debut actor whose film is releasing in five languages ​​across the country, how are you feeling?
This is a huge responsibility. It is not that we have taken such a decision. The makers have put their trust in me and I am very happy about this. For me this is a big deal. Hopefully, it will get a lot of love not only from South but also from North and entire country’s audience.

Is the film going to be Banarasiya Love Story?
Of course, you are going to see the whole of Banaras in the film. Every street, ghat you will get to see everything in this film. Romance and action, you are going to get everything in ‘Banaras’. Just hope the audience likes it.

This is your first film, what do you expect from it?
Just want to say this, definitely watch the film. I can only promise you 100 percent entertainment. I can say that my film will not bore you. Hope everyone likes this film. I would like Viewers should express their desire to see me further.

Coming from a political background, how did it come to be in films?
I wanted to become an actor since childhood. He also used to participate in the shows held in school and college. However, my father was not happy with my decision. It also took me a long time to tell him that I wanted to be an actor.

How was the experience of working with Jaytirth and Sonal?
It was wonderful. Sonal is a very big actress of the industry. He has done 7-8 films and I am completely new. It was a little scary in the beginning. But, later it was a lot of fun working with him. We enjoyed a lot together.

While talking about his upcoming projects, Zaid said- I have projects, but I haven’t started reading anyone yet. Because, right now I want to focus only on ‘Banaras’. In this film itself, you will get to see all my avatars, from romantic to action. After the release of the film, whatever project I choose, I will announce it.

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