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Exclusive: Don’t be so real that people start taking advantage of you, why did Madhurima Tuli say?

Actress Madhurima Tuli has been away from the industry for some time after ‘Bigg Boss 13’, but now she is all set for her strong comeback. These days Madhurima is in tremendous discussion about her latest song ‘Haya’ and the special thing is that this song of hers is directed by her brother Shrikant Tuli, about which Madhurima is very happy. Soon Madhurima is going to be seen in many more new shows, along with this she is also waiting to start her film innings again. Meanwhile, he had a special conversation with News18, in which he talked about many issues including his experience of Bigg Boss 13 and upcoming projects.

Talking on her performance in Bigg Boss 13, Madhurima Tuli says- ‘I will speak a little after thinking carefully. Now if I go to the reality show, I will not be so real that anyone starts taking advantage. Because, when you are too real people start taking advantage of you. Talking about his anger in the show, he said- ‘The atmosphere in Bigg Boss is such that your anger goes out. Because, other people refuse to work. So we are not servants but we keep on doing all the work.

Talking about the changes in her life after coming out of Bigg Boss, Madhurima says- ‘People have started loving me even more after coming out of the show. Getting work too. However, two years went by after Corona. But, now the work is starting back. After the show it came to know what life is.

Talking about her decisions to have a baby with Akshay Kumar and the aftermath, Madhurima said- ‘Sometimes it takes time for something good to come. The most important thing in this industry is patience. When I came out of Bigg Boss, Avroj came to me. Hope something good will happen soon. Abhi Haya (music video). I will be seen in another show soon. And looking forward to some good projects.

Madhurima further says- ‘Sometimes you also take some wrong decisions. Like I said no to some films after baby. If I had said yes, I would have done two-three films. But, sometimes your one wrong decision can cost you dearly. This is the reason why I am now answering why I did not do any other film after Baby. But, there are ups and downs in life. If I get a chance again or not, we will know later.

Regarding the return to TV, Madhurima says- ‘I did not leave TV. I got recognition from TV. So I can’t leave such TV. But yes, if I am getting a good offer then why should I refuse it. Because, I refused a few films after Baby, I walked out of that circuit. And I was constantly getting offers from TV, so why would I refuse. Because, I think it is important to keep working.

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