Exclusive: After the death of his wife, when Rahul Dev shifted to Delhi to take care of his son, this is how he returned to Mumbai

Bollywood actor Rahul Dev is one of those actors in the industry who stay away from the limelight. But, through his work, he has made a special identity not only in Bollywood but also in the South Industry. Now soon Rahul Dev’s Kannada film ‘Kabja’ is going to be released, in which he will be seen sharing the screen with stars like Shriya Saran, Kicha Sudeep and Upendra. Meanwhile, Rahul Dev News18 Had a special conversation with him and gave open answers to many questions related to his film journey and personal life.

Although Rahul Dev has played all kinds of characters, but by becoming a villain, the impression he has left on the hearts of the audience remains intact even today. Rahul has faced many challenges in his personal life, on which he spoke openly. In 2009, his wife Reena Dev died due to cancer, after which he took drastic steps to raise his son and shifted from Mumbai to Delhi.

Talking about his decision to shift from Mumbai to Delhi and return, Rahul Dev says- ‘When Reena died, it was a very difficult time for me. Had to take care of the son, I could not understand how what would happen. That’s when I decided to shift to Delhi. There he focused on business. Open gym too. It took some time, but then my mentor advised me that I was made for acting. That’s when I decided to return to Mumbai. To return to the acting world, I took the help of Bigg Boss.

Rahul Dev was seen in Bigg Boss 10, while talking about his behavior in the season, he says- ‘You got a glimpse of the real life I am in the show. I may have played negative characters onscreen, but I am very different from those characters. I only said yes to go to the show because the show is very famous. There could not have been a better platform to come back.

Along with this, Rahul Dev also revealed his desire to work with Amitabh Bachchan. Rahul says- ‘I worked with many big stars in my career, but working with Amitabh Bachchan ji is still a dream. He is so active even at this age, he is the first person to reach the set. His seriousness about work impresses me a lot.

Along with this, Rahul also praised Shahrukh Khan fiercely. Rahul says, ‘Shahrukh is a complete package, you can call him anywhere, call him on any topic, he is a brilliant person. Whether you see him in Ted Talks or in Filmfare. He does wonders everywhere. You can talk to them on any topic, they do not need to do any preparation. You can’t tell him that someone is an actor.

Rahul talked about his fitness secret and said- ‘I find the human body very amazing. The way a person can change his body, it is very beautiful. If you want to build a body, then everyone has to go where we go. In the beginning there is laziness, who gets up, how to go. But, it is said that in three weeks anything becomes a habit. So if you drink alcohol, it will also become a habit in three weeks. So it definitely becomes this too.’

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